Parenting in a World of Social Media

Let’s admit it. We are all better parents when we put down the smart devices, walk away, and just be in the present moment with our children. We waste far too much time in front of a screen of some sort(that weekly screen time analysis we’re sent on our phones? Yikes). I’m guilty of it….and you are too if you’re honest with yourself.

Lately I’ve been feeling a WHOLE lot of conviction surrounding the time I spend on social media. What am I doing? What do I feel I am accomplishing? Do I REALLY care what everyone else is doing? Is it necessary for me to let people know when I’m at the grocery store or that I’m taking my kids outside?? (It seems silly even typing it out).

You know what matters? It matters when my son asks me question that I look him in the face to answer him instead of answering him with my face buried in my phone. It matters that I am playing dress up with my daughter, and that I’m attentive to catch my children mistreat each other so I’m there to offer correction and proper discipline.

How can I expect to raise Godly children, if I’m not present and intentional with our time together? What are we showing our children that we put first each day? Do they see us reading our bibles…..or scrolling through our phones? Are we setting aside time each day to get in the word with them and teach them about Jesus? I’m talking about really getting in the Word with intentionality and purpose–not just to check off the box of “read my bible today.”

Proverbs 29:17 says “Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul.” A disciplined child is a delight to be around. I don’t know about you, but I desire to be around my kids. And I want others to delight in their presence as well. When we aren’t mentally present in the moment to correct them, we are missing teaching opportunities to biblically train and guide them.

We set screen time limits for our children, but are we disciplined enough to do it for ourselves? I think we’d ALL be a whole lot better off if we weren’t so “distracted” by whatever everyone else is doing, and we focused wholeheartedly on what’s happening within our 4 walls. Do you have something you’re wanting to see come to fruition in your family life? A lost loved one who needs to be saved? Maybe it’s a child where you want to see a spiritual fruit manifest? Or maybe it’s your own life that needs spiritual growth? Are we willing to put down the phone to do so? The Lord will bless our efforts if we give him our time in seeking him in word and prayer.

Being a parent is a gift from the Lord. It is a privilege. The legacy that we will leave behind is under our feet. Do we squander our time away with mindless social media scrolling? Or are we treasuring and cherishing the looks on their faces when they play outside, the giggles and silliness, ALL the little moments. My husband and I always say, the little things are the big things….what little things are our kids going to remember about us one day? Will they remember us reading to them, playing chase outside, putting puzzles together….or will they remember our faces being buried in our phones? Ouch. (This is hitting me before it hits you guys). I am sharing my thoughts as ENCOURAGEMENT not discouragement.

The best version of myself is when I wake up each day before the other 5 members of my household, quietly pour my coffee, and open up my bible. I start my day in prayer, and in His Word. When I’m seeking his will….parenting, marriage, work, daily tasks (yes even cooking and cleaning), all seems easier and even joyful if I’m being honest. Why wouldn’t we all be striving for that peace each day?

If you see less of me in the near future, you can assume I’m in the floor wrestling around with my wild crew and trying my dang best to be a better, more present Mama. These moments are fleeting and we aren’t promised tomorrow. Pretty soon all 4 of mine will be in school and I’ll be longing for the days I’m in RIGHT NOW. Let’s not allow the deceiver to steal our joy of mothering our kids each day by causing us to wish time away in the hard moments. The grass isn’t greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you water it.

1 thought on “Parenting in a World of Social Media

  1. Julie,
    Thank you for opening up your ❤️. This was meant for me as I’m tearing up reading it. You are an amazing lady! God bless you and your family 😘


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