Know Better, Do Better

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then once you know better, do better.” (My reasons for doing better below)…

This saying has helped rid myself of a LOT of Mama guilt for taking so long to learn the things I’ve learned over the past two year. I have gone down a rabbit hole of information that led me to where I’m at now, and I’m so so grateful. I truly feel like the Lord put me right here in this spot and opened my eyes to doing work and research for myself and my family for a healthier life and way of living.

This is what has driven me to become a Young Living distributor. Doing better for my family and the generation that comes after me.

I don’t consider myself in sales. Even though yes, I realize I’m a part of an MLM. I promise you, this is not your typical MLM. And I look at myself as a sharer and an educator. Wanna know why? Here’s some scary statistics: Cancer rates are up some 200% since the 1940s. Not because our genetics have changed. But because of the things we are exposing ourselves to…..the foods we eat, medications we take, products we use on ourselves. This was all alarming news to me. I was a trusting consumer (maybe you still are too, and that’s okay). I THOUGHT I was using healthy products. I took what marketing companies that produce these products say at face value and assumed I was purchasing quality. My parents used it on me so it’s safe, right?

Unfortunately the integrity of most companies has declined and most companies are out to make their products in the cheapest, fastest most cost efficient way possible to turn around and sell it for the most money they can. Sadly they knowingly use chemicals, synthetics and byproducts that are banned in other countries because it’s cheaper to do so (insert angry emoji). But seriously, it really is infuriating. Thankfully people are opening their eyes to the truth, and even in the last two years there have been laws passed that have banned companies from using several of the chemicals/known carcinogens they were once allowed to use. Baby steps…

If we don’t make changes, we will be raising the first generation that is not expected to outlive their parents. That’s an unbearable thought. Our generation of babies are suffering from things that used to not be prevalent: things like ADHD, food allergies, childhood anxiety/depression, childhood cancers, and ALL KINDS of skin conditions including ezcema. Again, our genetics have not changed.

I wish I could get Young Living products into EVERY SINGLE home in Georgia. Scratch that, dream bigger. America. I wish I could equip every person I know with the eye opening knowledge I have learned. (If you want somewhere to start, go to and also download the think dirty app. Start looking into the products you’re using and it will make you cringe).

I’m in love with Young Living because they have not only the purest, most therapeutic grade A oils on the market, but they also have every product and supplement you could want and need to make the necessary changes in your home to make it safe and start making healthy swaps.

So how do you do this? Sounds overwhelming, huh? It doesn’t have to be. Remember how we talked about baby steps? This is something that takes time. But it’s a journey WELL WORTH taking. This isn’t a marketing scheme. This is a lifestyle. A natural way of living. And I am forever converted and SOLD OUT to protecting my family from as many toxins and harmful things as I possibly can. And I do that through Young Living. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my family. I just wish I could go back in time and do it sooner! It’s everything.

It’s using oils on your babies to treat sicknesses.

It’s high quality probiotics, whole food sourced supplements, Ningxia Red (click here).

It’s replacing your toxic household cleaners with a safe and plant based all purpose cleaner.

It’s better sleep.

Breathing healthier air by diffusing(ditching candles, plug ins, and air fresheners).

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you wanna know more, reach out to me. I genuinely desire to educate as many people as I can on how to live cleaner and healthier by way of the company I’ve become a part of.

Our bodies are a temple of the Lord (I Corin. 6:19). We have one body to preserve and protect while we are here. Let’s do our best for ourselves and our families.

I wanna show you how.

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