If you know my son personally, you know he’s one of those kids that people are just kinda drawn to. I don’t say that to sound boastful because he’s mine. It’s just truth. Very much like my husband, he’s friendly, fun to be around, and loves to make people laugh. Everywhere we go people know him by name as he makes it a point to tell everyone good morning and ask how are you today? His personality is contagious.

God knew who he would be. He created him perfectly in his image with the challenges he’s already faced. This is a comfort to me.

Reality: Harley has severe, life threatening food allergies. In his allergists words today, it’s something to lose sleep over. (He has no idea how much I already have). It’s serious. If you aren’t acquainted with food allergies personally (if they aren’t in your family or close friends) then it’s hard to relate to what I’m saying. Hey, I was once you before my son was born.

Anaphylactic food allergy reactions can quickly turn deadly. Even if Epipen is administered. This is real life. It’s not exaggerated or an overreaction. I wish it was.

Harley starts kindergarten this fall. The point of today’s allergy visit was to reassess where Harley stands with his allergies prior to beginning school. I was prayerful that we would get some encouraging news. Maybe a few negatives. It just didn’t happen.

I recognize things could be worse. Harley is a healthy kid. He has an unreal positive attitude about his allergies and NEVER complains. But dang it, my Mama heart needed a win today. I’m not gonna lie. I’m disappointed. But ya know what? I’m still gonna praise Him.

(I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.) Psalm 34:1

Life is a lot about perspective. I know I can’t control this situation (or any other one for that matter). But I can control how I look at it. We are to praise God even when situations aren’t how we wish they were. And I can choose to be positive and thankful no matter what. That’s how I strive to be every day. And I will be….

But tonight…tonight I’m just sad. Sad that my son will probably never eat a nut in his lifetime. Sad that he’s been instructed to eat at a different table at school. Sad that I have to worry about holiday and birthday parties at school instead of look forward to them. Sad that my level of worry sending him to school this fall is a whole different level of worry-it’s a life or death kind of worry. Sad that some parents don’t take food allergies seriously-even seem annoyed or inconvenienced by them.

You know what we’re gonna do? The same thing we’ve been doing. Praying and praising without ceasing. Trusting the Lord with Harley’s life. Trusting him to continue to keep him safe, and to place the right people in his path to take care of him in my absence. That’s what faith is.


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