Lord, help me Remember

Today was a good day. As a fireman’s wife, I’ll keep it real and talk about how 24 hours alone can be TOUGH. It’s tiring. (A two-ounces-of-Ningxia kind of day). There’s nothing harder or better.

It was a great Saturday. Lots of laughter. The kids playing sweetly together. A living room fort. Bible study and baby snuggles. Saturday cartoons and breakfast for supper. Not every day is like today was. My Mama heart loves days like today.

It’s days like today that I realize they are right when they tell me, “Enjoy these days. They go by so fast.” (This statement is usually preceded by, “Twins? Four? Wow you’ve really got your hands FULL.”). That may be true….ok, it’s definitely true. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. I prayed for this beautiful, hectic, chaotic blessing that is my life.

I don’t want to forget days like today. Lord help me to remember. You know my brain isn’t what it once was before I had my children (can I get an Amen Mamas???). So please help me remember. Help me remember my son’s obsession with reptiles and the sound of his laugh. Keep fresh in my mind how my daughter adds an extra -ing on the end of any word that has an n.

Help me remember Claire’s sweet smile and the way Ele pats my back while I tote her around. Help me remember how it feels to hold the twins in my lap with my big two snuggled on my right and left side. Don’t let me forget the nighttime prayers and the way their little bodies feel laying against me. I am their favorite person right now. It won’t always be that way.

Help me write all these memories in my heart, Lord. I don’t wanna forget these days. And I sure don’t wanna squander them away. So next time I feel stressed and overwhelmed (which will probably be tomorrow 😜), Lord help me to remember. Help me to forget the schedule, the clock, the need to be on time. Help me to hold them tighter longer. To rock them more and kiss them extra. One more I love you. One more story. One more butterfly kiss.

Lord please help me to remember these days. And most importantly, help me to be grateful and thankful for each and every one of them.


1 thought on “Lord, help me Remember

  1. Precious and oh so truthful! Love the hold me longer or rock me longer or kiss and snuggle me longer! You will just blink ❤


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