THAT House

It’s something my husband and I have talked about ever since we got married. Wanting to be THAT house. We have often shared similar stories of how growing up all our friends loved coming to our houses. Not because we had big fancy homes, a huge stash of shiny toys, or the latest and greatest. What made our friends want to keep coming was our parents. Everyone that walked in our door immediately felt like part of the family.

As our children are starting to get older, the desire to create this home for our own children has only become stronger…Jess and I always wanted a family, but we truly could not have imagined what God had in store for us. Three years into our marriage, our son was born.

Seventeen months later, our daughter.

And almost three years following, our miracle twin girls.

When we built this house 5 years ago we never imagined we’d bring four children into it. We never built with that in mind. Thankfully, the good Lord’s plans are always much better than the ones we try to plan out ourselves.

Some might say we have “outgrown” this house. (Some days even I say that). We’ve talked about moving. Building again. Perhaps buying a house on a random piece of land. OR just staying put here, where we’ve brought all our babies home and built so many memories.

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter to me where we end up. Our home is where my family is. My people. One thing I do know….whatever house we end up in, I want to be THAT house.

The house where my kids wanna bring their friends home.

The house where there’s always extra food at meal time.

The house our children’s friends can come spend the night to escape what might be going on in their own homes.

The house where on Saturday nights, their friends also know if they want to stay, we will be attending church the next morning, and they are MORE than welcome to come with us.

The place all the kids wanna gather after a long school week to stay up too late playing video games and watching movies.

The house that can handle the late night noise.

The house where there will always be snacks. Even if a lot of them are allergen friendly.

The house with extra clothes and definitely as many spare toothbrushes as we could possibly need.

Extra pillows. Extra blankets. Couch pallets.

I want my kids to know they can always invite someone home to eat supper with them without having to check with me first.

The house where people know we pray before we eat. We read our bibles here. We talk about the Lord.

I want my home to have be unlocked. An open door policy. To be the place where not only my own four children feel safe and peaceful, but all their friends do as well. A place that provides a happy and loving atmosphere where my children WANT to be.

I know there will be numerous things I mess up as a Mama. But one thing I know I CAN try my best to do…love my children fiercely, and provide them a christian home that feels so safe and so peaceful, that they don’t wanna leave.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small a house is. Size doesn’t provide security. It doesn’t cultivate a feeling of peace or protection. Neither does location.

No matter what our address might be, I always want to be THAT house.

1 thought on “THAT House

  1. I love that verse! We we’re always That House and I wouldn’t trade those times for ANYTHING! Spending valuable time with your kids is the best thing you can do for them as their parents. Love your sweet family ❤


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