Lessons in the Laundry

Today was a monumental day. Possibly the most significant day in the history of my housewifery.

Wait for it…

I GOT CAUGHT UP ON LAUNDRY. (Are you laughing yet?) Have you ever gotten so behind that it literally took you days upon days to catch up? I’m talking, mountains and piles of laundry like you’ve never seen. A couple weeks ago I got sick. The following week was unreal busy and occupied all my time and energy, leaving me really REALLY behind at home.

So I told myself, today was the day. And I did it.

After folding and putting away the nine thousandth article of clothing, I collapsed on my bed, and breathed an immense sigh of relief. Not a moment later a thought came to my mind and I jumped up, darted to the hamper, and slowly lifted the lid as though it might bite me.

And sure enough, it was full. I was laughing out loud when it hit me. I will NEVER be “caught up” on laundry. Certainly not until my kids are either old enough to either A) start doing their own, or B) be moved out of my house. And I am 100% OKAY WITH THAT.

This laundry revelation got me thinking about how life must have been way back when. How hard ladies must have had to work when there were no washer/dryers. Days gone by when Mamas had to hang clothes outside to dry on a clothes line (what if it rained for days? What did they do? But, seriously).

We think we have it hard in our modern day of living where everything is one touch or hands free. (One day saying, Fold my clothes Alexa, will probably actually work). And I allow myself to think I’m “too busy.” Too busy to stop and read my children a story. Too busy to sit in the floor and play blocks. Too busy to chase my babies in the yard.

I know there is a balance (though more times than not I can’t seem to find it). I think it’s somewhere between Danny Tanner, and that blonde chick on Friends Ross dated once whose house was so filthy she couldn’t find her pet hampster. Most days I convince myself I’m too busy to make someone else a meal. Too busy to stop and lend an ear to a friend. Too busy to pick up my phone and reconnect with someone.

But what I’m really saying is, I’m too busy to love like Jesus. To do for others. To put my neighbor above myself. (Sometimes the truth hits where it hurts, but in a good, wake up Julie, kind of way).

Thinking I’m “too busy” is one of my biggest regrets from when I was younger. Mostly back in my high school days. I have always been go-go-go (just ask my husband). Let’s get it done, and get it done fast. I don’t wanna have homework…I’ll just do it in class. Gotta rush and stay on schedule…no time to talk.

I guess I’m just wired this way. It’s a tug-of-war battle with myself. I don’t know why I’ve always felt like I was in such a hurry. So busy. Too busy to downshift and take time to love on people the way I should. It’s pretty black and white really. No other way to look at it or get around it. It’s just not a good way to be.

The unrelenting truth I need to recognize quickly, is that years from now, I will be longing daily for one more day of my kids begging to climb into my lap and read them a story.

Snuggle with me Mama.

Hold me Mama.

Play with me Mama.

Wishing I would have slowed down in general and grabbed hold of all the little opportunities; Take supper to that family. Have that conversation. Make that phone call. Pray with that struggling Mama friend.

Gosh, how many more ah-ha moments do I need thrown in my face before I take some serious heed?

The moral of the story? There will ALWAYS be something to do. Laundry, cleaning, cooking, house work, chores upon chores. But it can ALL wait. I will never again let another day pass without reading a book to my children. Without saying yes to, Mama come play with me. Without following through with that prompting to do for others.

I’m not too busy. I’m never too busy. And neither are you my sweet friend.

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. John 15:12

1 thought on “Lessons in the Laundry

  1. I am here, where you will be one day. I cherish all the memories and thank God everyday for my boys turning into wonderful, God loving husbands and Fathers, must have done something right! But I have never once cherished all the cleaning and laundry. Love your perspectives!

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