Mama Gut

We call it Mama Gut.

But I wholeheartedly believe it’s a nudging from the Holy Spirit. And it’s worth listening to.

I’m talking about that inward voice that says stop, when there’s no stop sign. And sure enough, stopping keeps us from running into something dangerous-sometimes seen, and often unseen.

There’s undeniable proof that the Lord gives a Godly praying Mama all the motherly intuitions about her children…even in adulthood.

When I was a senior in high school, I was supposed to be going out with my friends on a particular Friday night. Truthfully, I can’t recall our intended destination. Just the normal run-of-the-mill weekend girl’s night type of night.

As I was packing my overnight bag, my Mama came into my room and sat on the edge of my bed. Before she even spoke, I could tell what was coming.

“I just can’t let you go,” she said. I argued and complained. I was angry. I was young and selfish.

She went on to say that “she couldn’t really explain it, other than she just had a bad feeling and she just couldn’t feel okay with letting me go.”

Eventually I relinquished. Instead I joined my then boyfriend in his weekend plans.

Later that evening I got a phone call. My friends had been in a car accident.

Gut punch.

They were all alright, thank goodness. Just bumps and bruises. But the what-ifs of me being there with them left me feeling sick to my stomach.

I called my Mama in tears.

This wasn’t the first time (and it wouldn’t be the last) that my Mama had come to me with a gut feeling.

We’ve all had those feelings in our gut that just wouldn’t go away. That one thought, worry or idea that just seems to keep on showing up and crowding out our brain space.

Oftentimes we can’t exactly put our finger on the exact reason why something may or may not feel right or safe. But the Holy Spirit often works through our gut. This gut instinct of the Spirit is God’s way of helping us have caution.

In my own experience, gut feelings are God’s thoughts of peace to me: still, strong, and small they come. That nudge, that gut feeling…I believe it’s the Holy Spirit sending discernment.

Maybe it’s a friend of your child’s. Or someone or someTHING at work. Perhaps it’s a situation or place you’re considering going.

Big or small, have you prayerfully considered the gut feeling you are experiencing Mama friend? Did you know that the Holy Sprit can provide you the wisdom you need to distinguish your gut feelings so that you can make healthy decisions for yourself and your family?

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. John 16:13

As we go along, our “gut” or “intuition” is simply and purely trusting the collection of experiences we’ve obtained as we’ve walked with the Lord. Our intuition holds all the insights we’ve gained as we have studied the word, prayed, listened to sermons, interacted with fellow believers, and practiced the presence of God.

A true inner witness will come out of your spirit…not from your head or emotions.

Simply put, when we are aligned with God’s will, He gives us peace. That peace can grant us assurance that we are being Spirit-led.

I’ve ignored it before. That whisper in the back of my mind telling me to walk away. I overanalyze. I miss it. It’s quiet, you know? Subtle. That voice. That prompting. It’s not always the blaze of fire we wish we could see.

When you have these thoughts and gut feelings, study them carefully. Determine whether what you are feeling is simply a byproduct of a transition in your life, or the result of the Holy Spirit reaching out and warning you to stay away from something encouraging you along the path God has planned for you.

When doors constantly close in your face, it’s because what’s on the other side of them will keep you from walking the path that God has laid out for you. That may seem like cold comfort when you are searching for an answer. But there is a plan. And the Holy Spirit is there to help you follow it.

The amazing thing is, the Holy Spirit is always calling us. Poking and nudging at our “Mama gut.” But we may not always be listening. If you’re looking for neon signs and flames of fire (guilty) you will not notice the quiet little suggestions that may be so carefully left in your path. You will ignore warnings, miss opportunities, and then wonder why you aren’t receiving guidance.

His Spirit is dwelling with us if we are His. But it does us no good if we are not willing to listen to its voice.

Let’s listen up Mamas. He’s poking our “gut.” The question is, are we listening?????

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