Be Still

Not sure I’ve ever been quite this still….Have you?

Yet here we all sit…in the middle of this pandemic. A time like no other. Most of us can whole heartedly say we’ve never lived through such a time.

I’m a fixer. A born controller. A problem solver.

All day long I haven’t been able to shake the thought that God is wanting me to stand still in all of this. That He’s bringing me into a situation where I truly reach the end of myself. Where He’s saying to me, Be still. Be quiet. Listen.

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Psalm 46: 10

The amazing part of this verse comes after the command to be still. He says, and know...know that He is God. It’s a command that’s followed by a promise. In other words, God will be God, so we can rest and stand still.

You’re safe with me. He’s saying. I have everything under control.

Being still is hard. Especially in the middle of a trial. But we honestly have no other option, do we?

If you’re sitting here, like me, in this seemingly un-fixable and never-ending situation, and you’ve done everything you know to do to be trusting and faithful…..JUST BE STILL.

He’s inviting you to. He wants you to. Release control into His hands knowing HE IS FOR YOU.

Ask Him, what is it that you want me to see, to learn, to change, to acknowledge, to feel, as I sit here???? As I stand so very still. As every single event on my calendar besides home and family has been cancelled.

I don’t wanna miss it.

Do you?

Friends let’s not miss it. Don’t you know He wants to refine us and polish us as we sit here, completely and utterly unbusy and unscheduled?

Thou hast besset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Psalm 139:5

What comfort: like water to a thirsty soul. Praise God that He always goes before us. He sees and He knows the ending of this uncertain story.

Just be still.

Right now.

Quiet your heart. Take a breath.

Let your troubles fall away.

Dwell only on Him as your heart quiets down.

Believe that He is sovereign over all circumstances.

Know it within the deepest part of your soul.

Remind yourself that God is God, and He is in control; Not merely when life goes wrong, but at all times. When you are in the habit of sitting still before God, it will be a natural response to rely on Him when your world caves in.

When we are truly still before the Lord, He reveals Himself to us. He peels back the layers of sin that is muddying up our busy lives, and communes with us for a while.

Oh the things we can learn when we do. Search my heart, Lord. Allow Him to search yours as well my friends.

Just be still. We might just learn a thing or two.

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