To every time thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. Eccleasiastes 3:1

This time of year as believers, we relish in the birth of Jesus. We remind our children this season is about more than presents and Santa. Our Savior came into this world to seek and to save. To provide grace. To conquer death. To make a way. And his timing was nothing short of perfect.

God’s timing, while at times may appear to be slow or even late, is always right. This is true for events in redemptive history, and is equally true for the lives of his children. Like so many other divine perfections, it is in the life of Jesus that the accuracy of this divine timing is most evident.

I read a little something interesting this month that discussed the plan of Jesus’ fleshly coming. Why was Jesus born when he was? Why wasn’t he sent earlier? Later? Galations 4:4 tells us, “When the fullness of time was come, God sent forth his Son.

When we look at history, we see that 350 years prior to Jesus’ birth, Alexander the Great’s reign caused the world to adopt the Greek language. (The language that was still common during Jesus’s earthly ministry). When the Romans defeated the Greeks, a postal system allowed letters to be written and sent all over the world. In process of time, the Savior of our world was born. Thus the good news was able to spread like wildfire.

There was an appointed time, from the beginning.

Scripture was fulfilled.

The stage impeccably set.

He came when everything was in place.

Perfectly and delicately timed to equip the early disciples to carry his story to every country in the Roman empire. Within three centuries, Christianity was the official religion of the empire.

In fullness of time, God sent his treasured Son to a world desperate for a Savior.

He wasn’t early, or late.

He was right on time.

Thinking back even to the time of Noah; wickedness was on the earth, but Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. For a while, it was necessary even for Noah, for God to shut the door. The Bible said God closed him in.

When we as God’s children, put our faith and trust in Him, in similar fashion, He works things for our good in His faultless timing. He operates outside of time as we know it and hardly does things according to our schedule. He opens doors, closes them, and then He opens new ones. He reserves blessings for days when His grace will meet us in weakness.

A mighty large door is closing for my family this week.

But in His flawless timing, He has opened a new one. And I’m so very thankful.

For the last twelve years, my husband has served a community he loves as a first responder. I’ve always been proud of him. His selflessness, generosity of spirit, and servant’s heart propelled him to thrive in his position. (I could say a whole lot more here, but I’ll leave it at that).

The last decade (plus some), has provided us a lifetime of lasting blessings, memories, and paths intertwined with precious people that have become lifelong friends. We’ve built relationships, all our needs have been provided, and we were afforded the blessing of enjoying the Gainesville Fire Department Family. The bond this group has is truly a brotherhood. A second family.

With much ease, we’ve felt God’s hand, presence, and guidance from the very opening of this door for our family, and now in the closing of it. What a significant chapter in our lives the opening of this door created for us.

Life is full of change. And navigating the changes that life brings our way can be scary at times. One of my favorite scriptures is found in Psalms 37:23, The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.” He delights in the details of our lives. Scripture assures us we don’t always have to know what our next move in life is going to be, as long as we know and trust the one that orders our steps.

The opening of this new door is something I’ve prayed a long time for. An answer I’ve extensively, and not always patiently, awaited see come to fruition.

We are finally here. And goodness, is it bittersweet.

So while we cling to the blessings and goodness of what and where the last twelve years have taken our family, we simultaneously rest in the knowledge that God is moving us where he wants us to be. As our situation changes, our trust in Him remains unflinching as we anticipate what’s to come.

I can’t thank the City of Gainesville enough for embracing my husband and family throughout the years. And I certainly can’t say enough wonderful things about the good men and women my husband has had the pleasure of working with.

Gainesville city, you just. don’t. know how blessed you are to have these individuals responding to your needs and emergencies each and every day.

June 2010. Blurry photo of Jess’ graduation ceremony.

Being a firefighter’s wife hasn’t been simple, and that’s okay. Like countless professions alike, we tote a cross for ourselves and our families. I won’t pretend I’m not feeling pretty joyful to be laying that down at this year’s end.

That being said, it’s with a thankful heart I say a joyful farewell to the following:

*The last night of sleeping alone in our bed (happy dance). Of tucking our children in solo.

*The last night of worrying I might get that dreaded phone call from one of my husband’s fire fighter friends (one of those was more than enough).

*That little worry in the back of my mind of “why haven’t I heard back from him?” and the relief of finally seeing a text that everything is okay.

*The last Sunday I will take my children to church to worship without my husband.

*The last station Facetime goodnight.

*Opposite schedules from most people; the difficulty of planning.

*Constantly interrupted communications (Tones dropping).

*The last holiday missed.

*Last basketball game, school or sporting event.

*Last time I’ll arrive somewhere and be asked if Jess is on shift.

Thank you God, for being the perfect doorkeeper. For never being too early or too late at answering our prayers. For sending your holy spirit that guides us through open doors that allow us to forever keep our eyes fixed upon you. And most of all, for sending your son as the savior of the world in fullness of time. And for supplying your living word that allows us to anchor ALL our hope and trust in your flawless timing in our lives.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Jeremiah 29:11

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